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A properly sized and installed Element Saver system provides protection against grease in the fume cupboards and ventilation ducts. This results in reduced risk of fire, better suction and much easier and cheaper cleaning. Based on these features, the company can save money on cleaning, chemical cleaning products and is environmentally friendly.

Function and effect

Element Saver removes static electricity from treated objects - air, grease and other impurities. It changes the internal structure of subjects and thus some of their physical properties. We get "soft air".

It works without added energy, without additives and without the use of ozone or UV radiation. Individual parts are made of stainless steel. The system is approved for use in conjunction with water and is suitable for use in food.


In restaurants and large kitchens the most common effects are:


The system requires no power or supplies. In theory, it is maintenance-free and has a very long service life, but in order not to break the connections, to avoid damage that would affect performance, and to keep the system intact and functioning optimally, it is always sold with a service contract. Our technician will regularly monitor and operate your equipment.

Cleaning of exhaust hoods and ventilation system, which is almost maintenance-free when using Element Saver and usually only requires visual supervision and after a certain time vacuum any possible dirt. The benefits are associated with better air flow and more efficient heat exchange.

Customers say cleaning is up to 80% faster and easier.


The installation is adapted to the local conditions, but usually the system is located in the air in the storage rooms, the fume cupboard and the intake air / heat exchanger.

Maintenance, service and durability