Main properties

Water and waste water is one of the main areas that Element Saver focuses on. The Saver element makes the water softer. The treatment alters the electric charge of water, increases pH and reduces ORP.

Treated water for industrial use is used to prevent the formation of limestone and ocher coatings in boilers and pipes, to prevent anaerobic biofilm in the pipeline, to facilitate cleaning, and to improve the quality of derived waste water.

Water for cooling towers will have a lower tendency for microorganisms, anaerobic biofilms, and algae

Water treated from Element Saver will eliminate or reduce limestone problems and in boilers, pipes, water heaters, homes and washing machines, etc. Reduces the need for detergents, facilitates cleaning and improves water quality

We supply products to many industries where water quality is not just water, it is drinking water, cooling water and water for technical use.

Fat reduction

When you install Element Saver in a grease separator, the formation of fat in the well decreases sharply, the fat dissolves as an aqueous liquid and therefore does not form a crust. This means that it is rarely necessary to empty the well.

The hydrogen sulphide (H2S) load in the sump is reduced to a level that can hardly be felt. The processing of the Saver element rapidly and efficiently decomposes the sulfur hydrogen molecule.

Compared to a small amount of fat, this is less, but with a larger number of grease wells, the savings are quite significant.